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Similar to a home’s unique style, which varies from its architectural structure to the fine décor details, also a swimming pool design can vary according to the property as well as the owners’ tastes. Whether you’re in a sprawling holiday home outside the city or a cosy bungalow which can accommodate a pool on its rooftop, these 10 tips will help you planning for your home makeover with the swimming pool design perfect for you!

Innovation And Research

A swimming pool design, especially if it is a rooftop swimming pool design, can serve as the perfect view from your home. When designing your pool, it would be a clever idea to plan it outside a room or a space which you’d use frequently for entertaining. This could be the living room, the home bar or lounge or even an outdoor patio or dining area where you frequently host guests or bring the whole family together for meals or reunions. If the pool is situated on the rooftop of a home, it serves as the perfect foreground for the rest of the view—think full moon nights outdoors with an expansive sheet of still water overlooking the twinkling city lights.

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